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Texas Russell Rescue is the Texas group of Russell Rescue, Inc. We are a network of volunteers located throughout Texas who are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming homeless Jack Russell Terriers. We foster them in our homes until we find them their perfect forever home.

Name: Pearl
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Sex: Female
Age: 4-5

6/3/2019: Update! Pearl’s surgery is scheduled for July 15th! She will be spayed, have several skin tags removed, and get her teeth cleaned. She will also get a few rotten teeth extracted. We appreciate your donations so very much. Because of you, Pearl will get the care she needs. Follow along here for updates. Pearl says thank you!

6/2/2019: Update! We reached our fundraising goal for Pearl! Thank you so very much to those of you who donated! We couldn’t do it without your support. And thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for little Pearl. She is well on her way to recovery. Her foster mom, Robyn, will be scheduling her surgery soon, and we will update you and let you know how Pearl is doing. Thank you again, so very much! We appreciate you, and Pearl says thank you!

6/1/2019: You will remember this little gal from her posts earlier this Summer. Pearl was pulled from a shelter in San Antonio in May. The volunteers described her as a dog who could be the poster child for abuse and neglect. Her foster mom, Robyn, said that in the 20 years she has worked with Russell Rescue, Pearl is one of the 2 most damaged dogs we have ever taken in. Pearl was riddled with infections on every part of her body. She was raw, sore, weak, sick and demoralized. She has now recovered enough that we can have her spayed, remove all the skin tags, and get a dental. Her little eyes are damaged from having “dry eye”. She will always need drops, but her eyes don’t need to be removed, as we had first thought. Pearl is the sweetest and friendliest girl. Her little tail wags all the time. We are hopeful that she will make a full recovery! But we need your help to make that possible!

The vet estimates that the bill for Pearl’s spay surgery, skin tag removal and dental will be around $500. Pearl is a sweet little gal who deserves a chance at a healthy life. She is only about 4 years old, so she has a long life ahead of her.

Check out the photos and videos of Pearl. As you can see, she has made great progress since May. Her foster mom has given her lots of good food, good medicine and a lot of TLC. But little Pearl has a long way to go before we can begin the process of finding her a forever family. Pearl must get the surgery she needs before she can be adopted.

Can you please help our girl get this life changing surgery by donating? No amount is too small…it all adds up! You can donate here or at russellrescue.com with PayPal and all major credit cards. Please notate that your donation is for Pearl in the name field.

Russell Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations made to Russell Rescue, Inc. are tax-deductible to the contributor. Follow along here for updates. Thank you from Pearl!

5/20/2019: We got a couple new pics today from Pearl’s foster mom, Robyn. She says Pearl is doing very well. She has settled in and made herself right at home. Pearl’s skin is looking much better after 3 sulfur shampoos and one sulfur dip. Pearl has discovered that she can jump up on the bed and really enjoys rolling around in the soft blankets. Here she is this morning after breakfast. All that eating and playing made her tired! Overall, she is doing much better. Pearl goes back to see Dr. C in another week for a follow up and to determine what needs to be done about her eye issues. She also will need to be spayed and have a few moles removed. But, she is well on her way to recovery! We will continue to keep you posted on Pearl’s progress.

5/11/2019: We got an update on Pearl today from her foster mom, Robyn. Pearl had a vet visit on Friday. Even after only 3 days in her foster home, you can tell she is feeling better. Check out her video link below. We will update again soon! “Pearl went to the vet Friday. Dr. C thinks that all of her problems are due to massive infections. The good things are: She is only about 4 years old. She is heartworm negative. She has pretty good teeth. And, her blood work was good. At the vet, she got 2 different eye drops. She also got ear wash and ear drops. She is now eating a special food - Science Diet for Sensitive Skin and Stomach. She has a lime-sulfur dip and has to be dipped everyday. She also has a special shampoo. She is taking prednisone and ketoconazole pills. Pearl still has several things that need to be addressed. She needs to be spayed and have a few moles removed. She also needs to have her eye issues addressed. She goes back to Dr. C in 2 weeks. For now she is going to be medicated, eat and sleep!”

Update Video

5/9/2019: This is the newest member of the Russell Rescue family. Say hello to Pearl. She was on death row in San Antonio, Texas just a day or two ago. The volunteers described her as a dog who could be the poster child for abuse and neglect. Her skin is red and flaking. She has infected ears, skin, and teeth. She is missing much of her fur and possibly has ulcers on her eyes. Even with all that, the volunteers described her as still being sweet and very trusting. Pearl was picked up yesterday from the shelter by Russell Rescue volunteer, Debi, and spent the night there. She arrived at her foster home this morning. Robyn, her foster mom, will make sure she gets the vetting and care she needs to begin her journey to recovery. Pearl has a long road ahead of her. We will update you on her journey, and we will work to give her the happy and healthy life that she deserves! In the meantime, she will be spoiled gently until she is as beautiful outside as she is inside! Make sure to watch the videos of Pearl! You can see how sweet she is. Her little tail just keeps wagging!

Freedom Ride Video

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